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Weaning the ‘Right’ Way

That title is not meant to be judgemental in any way, it is a reference to the fact that a health visitor told me that I had “gone wrong” with The Princess by spoon-feeding her.  It made me feel awful.  We had started her on solids at 19 weeks, just a spoonful of baby porridge in an evening for the first few weeks, mainly because she was an… Continue reading


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Flo’s Handmade Wonders

I recently came across a picture on Facebook that really grabbed my attention.  It was a wreath made of fabric, and it was simply beautiful.

Then I realised it was for sale.

So I bought it.

And now I can’t wait for Christmas so I can… Continue reading


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I’m Back. Again.

I’ve been a bit quiet recently, on here, on Twitter, on Babyhuddle, just quiet.

I had another blip.  I know, I know, I need to remember to take the happy pills EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It’s my fault.  Mostly.  And some of it’s life’s fault.  I’m not feeling it at the moment, life.  It’s just not going that well.  I think it will… Continue reading


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