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The 24 Year Old BFF

The Princess is a fairly typical toddler, I’d say.  She’s full of endless energy, she’s sociable, very chatty, she has tantrums, can shatter glass at a thousand paces with her screams of defiance, and has the ability to hit a chosen target 20 feet away with her breakfast dishes when she decides that porridge was not what she wanted for breakfast after all.  Even though she marched into the kitchen… Continue reading


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Eleven Weeks In

I recently blogged at Emma’s Diary about how little time I have to record Little Pea’s progress, compared to when The Princess was the same age.

Tonight I find myself with a spare half hour, so I’m taking this opportunity to write about Little Pea at eleven weeks old.

He is still as laid back as he ever was, but now he is more… Continue reading


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My Perfect Life

Here’s some groundbreaking news: bringing up two babies is tiring.  It’s time-consuming, energy-sapping, sleep-depriving, nerve-jangling, and creativity-testing.  But most of all it’s just plain tiring.  This is the first (non-obligated) blog post I have had chance to write for weeks, and it’s down to the fact that The Boyfriend has had a day off, I had a lie-in this morning, we had dinner out so there’s no washing up to… Continue reading


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