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Indecent Exposure

It’s safe to say I am fairly passionate about breastfeeding.  It’s something very important to me, not only because of the nutritional and health benefits to babies, but also because of how it has cemented the bond between me and both my little ones.

As with everything in life, however, there is always a downside, even to seemingly wonderful things.  With breastfeeding Little Pea, it’s… Continue reading


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Who Ate All the Pies?

Little Pea is six weeks old.

He has outgrown 0-3 month clothes and is only just about comfortable in 3-6 month clothes.


That is all.

Big Little Pea


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How to Save the Planet and the Pennies

Little Pea is five weeks old now.  It still feels like the first week with him in many ways, yet I can’t imagine him not being here now, and I’m getting much more used to him and his little ways.  Well, when I say ‘ways’ I actually mean ‘penis’.  It was terrifying changing his nappy the first few times – I’m so used to dealing with girl bits, with having… Continue reading


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