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New Starts and Fresh Perspectives

I’ve been away from here for ages.  Not only was I without a phone for what seemed like a year, I took a holiday in the Lake District with my family.  There were ten of us in total, which meant lots of people to look after The Baby (actually it was just a huge audience for her to entertain daily) while The Boyfriend… Continue reading


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The Baby and a Very Pretty Dress

The Baby was recently sent a beautiful summer dress and cardigan from the very nice people at Vertbaudet.  Here she is putting it through it’s paces:


After all this, the dress has been washed several times on a low temperature, and has come up looking as good as new every time.  Thumbs up from The Baby and thumbs up… Continue reading


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The Baby is a curious and questioning little thing.  She asks about everything – “Whassit say?”, “Press?”, “On?” – and likes to do everything for herself, “No, Baby do it” (except she doesn’t say Baby as, you may not have realised, but that’s not really her name).  She particularly likes anything with buttons on it – remote controls (“trolls”), phones, TVs, The Boyfriend’s iPad and PC, cash machines, lifts…you get… Continue reading


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