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Saggy, Baggy and Dull

I’m well into my second trimester now – 26 weeks to be precise…so actually it would be more accurate to say I’m approaching my third trimester (I’m screaming inwardly) – and on the whole, this pregnancy is going rather well.  As long as you don’t include SPD or depression.  One thing I am having a problem with, and have been since I first got… Continue reading


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Peer Support – A Book Review

A few months ago, I reviewed Mary Kay’s Baby Massage Experience with my Father: A Father’s Journey for Real Parenting.  I’ve been asked to review her follow-up book, Baby Massage Experience with my Mother: Peer Support, and it’s taken me a while to get round to it, but here it is.

Mary Kay writes very simply yet, as a trained midwife and health visitor, she… Continue reading


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The Thing with Depression

The thing with depression is it never really goes away.  Even with therapy and even with medication, it never really disappears.  It goes quiet, sometimes it becomes so quiet it’s easy to ignore and even forget it’s there.  And then one day, suddenly, it roars again.  Loud and oppressive and impossible to ignore or forget.

The thing with depression is it’s complicated.  Sometimes it’s lured out of hiding by… Continue reading


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When the Battle is Lost

There are times when I struggle as a mum.  I know, shocker, right?  I always keep my struggles so well hidden.  OK, so there are lots of times when I struggle as a mum.  The biggest struggle these days is the internal debate as to whether what I am saying to The Baby, what I am teaching her and the values I am trying to instill in her, are the right… Continue reading


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