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I’ll let you into a secret: I really don’t like mornings.  I really, really don’t like mornings that are dark, cold and start far too early.  My mornings have been like this for too long now.  If I’m going to be woken at a ridiculous hour, I’d like to be greeted by sunlight streaming through the windows and warm rooms and a magical self-making cup of tea.  To be honest though, I’d rather not be woken early at all.  Ever.  I hate waking up, I hate getting up, I hate facing the day.  I love my bed very much, you see.  I love everything about it; how soft and cosy it is, how warm it is under the covers, and I love, love, love being in my pjs.  Bed is great.  Sleep is even better.

But if I am to be woken early (actually, it wasn’t early really, I’d just had very little sleep which meant that midday would have seemed an unreasonable waking hour), then it doesn’t get much better than the wake-up call I had this morning.

I vaguely recall The Boyfriend bringing a cup of coffee to me before he left for work, at which point I promptly fell back to sleep.  I was woken a little while later and heard The Baby babbling over the monitor.  “Tap, tap, tap” she said, “Four, tap, tap, tap”.  As I slowly adjusted to the murky light of day, comforted by the fact that it was at least a non-work day, I realised that the coffee, while not exactly steaming, was still warm enough to enjoy.  This made me smile.  I lay in bed, drinking coffee, waking properly, and realised that The Baby wasn’t actually saying “Four” or “Tap”, but was in fact reciting Wind the Bobbin.  It went something like this (imagine it with no tune whatsoever, more of a very cute chant):


Biiiind bobbin up

Biiiind bobbin up

Paw, paw

Cap, cap, cap

Point ceiwing

Point foor

Point window

Cap hans gever

One, two, fwee

Put hans on kneeeeeeees


This was officially the best thing to wake up to ever.


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3 Responses to Bind Bobbin Up

  1. Oh – how lovely. Perhaps it could be incorporated in an Alarm clock? Then everyone would wake up smiling.

  2. Zoe

    Aww how cute! My best early morning get up was just after my little girl had started clapping. I walked into her room and got a round of applause!

    • Oh I LOVED it when my little girl learned to clap, it was more exciting for me than it was for her! Plus a round of applause never goes amiss…

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