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Can Cloth Really Cut It?

I’m having a little worry.  Not a panic (yet) just a worry.  It’s that old chestnut money.  Most worries and stresses and arguments seem to stem from money, and for me at the moment, it’s a constant source of stress.

In three months’ time I’ll be on the final countdown to maternity leave.  I’m already part-time, so my maternity pay will be lower than it was when I was… Continue reading


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Some Hints and Tips for Pelvic Girdle Pain


Today I went to a pelvic and back pain class at the physiotherapy department.  I have been getting niggly pain recently which has been getting steadily worse, and when I was getting constant sciatic and symphysis pubis pain, I thought it was time to stop ignoring it and do something.  My midwife was brilliant (unlike the midwife… Continue reading


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A Tale of Two Pregnancies

I’ve been thinking recently about just how different this pregnancy feels to my last one.  It’s not just that feeling of having done it all before – that sounds callous, and I don’t mean it to.  I absolutely love feeling each movement that Little Pea makes, and I’m just as excited about meeting her/him as I was about meeting The Baby.  And I get just as excited when we buy… Continue reading


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TK Maxx Shopping Trip

TK Maxx has never been a place I have chosen to shop at, if I’m honest.  Not for any reason, other than it just hasn’t really featured on my radar.  After yesterday’s shopping experience, however, I think this is all set to change.

This week, TK Maxx have fantastic offers on their nursery items (I never realised they even sold nursery stuff, I thought it… Continue reading

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Bind Bobbin Up








I’ll let you into a secret: I really don’t like mornings.  I really, really don’t like mornings that are dark, cold and start far too early.  My mornings have been like this for too long now.  If I’m going to be woken at a… Continue reading


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Today I wore wellies.  It was a good day.… Continue reading

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers

I am suddenly Very Pregnant.  Not that I am suddenly pregnant, but suddenly I look pregnant.  Very, very pregnant.  So pregnant, I am worried that in 20 weeks time I will be having a home-birth, not because of the comfortable surroundings or to exercise my birthing choices, but simply because I can no longer leave the house due to the doors being too narrow (or me being too wide.  Whatever.)… Continue reading


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All In My Head

A few weeks ago, I felt Little Pea move.  Just a tiny fluttery, bubbly sensation (no, it definitely wasn’t wind) but a definite sensation.  Two days ago The Boyfriend felt Little Pea move.  Suddenly the Pea is big enough to make his or her presence felt in the outside world.  At 19 weeks old, Little Pea is a part of everyone’s life, not just my own.  This amazes me, and… Continue reading


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