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This is The Baby.  This was when we started baby led weaning, although we had been weaning her for a few months before this, we had originally begun with spoon-feeding only.  At first it went fine, but then she got fussy and refused to eat much of what we offered her.  Baby led weaning was suggested, and suddenly she ate everything she could get her hands on.

I’m sure fussy eating and baby led weaning are topics which resonate with thousands and thousands of parents across Britain.  For 400,000 children around the world, however, these things mean nothing.  For 400,000 children around the world, extreme hunger is what resonates with them.

Save the Children, along with 26 other charities, have developed a charter to end extreme hunger.  The starvation and devastation that occurred in East Africa was both predictable and preventable, yet action was not taken soon enough and thousands are now facing death by starvation.  The #66cities campaign encourages people in the 66 cities involved to become a Champion, which involves lobbying local MPs to raise the issue with ministers and asking them to table a question at Prime Minister’s Questions, and spreading the message to the public at large.

If you don’t feel that becoming a Champion is your thing, then you can get involved in other ways:

Sign the petition urging David Cameron to take a lead on this issue and sign the charter.

Tweet about it or post about it on Facebook using the hashtag #66cities.

And for all you bloggers, Molly at Mother’s Always Right, is asking you to post a picture of your child thoroughly enjoying a meal, and write a few words about the campaign.

Please do whatever you can to try to help end this awful situation.  Save The Children.  No Child Born To Die.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting about this – beautiful words and picture as always. x

  2. Lovely post and we love that pic of The Baby. So gorgeous. Thanks for your support.

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