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Save the Children #66cities

This is The Baby.  This was when we started baby led weaning, although we had been weaning her for a few months before this, we had originally begun with spoon-feeding only.  At first it went fine, but then she got fussy and refused to eat much of what we offered her.  Baby led weaning was suggested, and… Continue reading


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The Depressive and The Pea Part 2

I’ve not been around here much lately.  Not for any reason other than I have been absolutely knackered.  I had almost forgotten how tiring pregnancy is, except I can still quite clearly remember falling through the door after work and flopping straight onto the sofa for a nap for an hour or two.  This time round it’s not so easy, and I constantly feel shattered.  I want to sleep for… Continue reading


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The Day the Lurgy Came to Stay

It’s Saturday morning and I’m writing this in my silent, empty bed.  I can hear a helicopter outside, and traffic, but that’s it.  There are no demanding shouts of “Out! Out! Mummy! Daddy!”, coming from The Baby’s room.  There is (thankfully) no teeth-grinding or snoring coming from the left hand side of the bed, courtesy of The Boyfriend.  The gentle whir of the laptop and the dull traffic from the… Continue reading

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My Day at Mamas and Papas HQ

Last week I was very kindly invited by Mum Panel to join four other mum bloggers at Mamas and Papas HQ in Huddersfield.  To say I was excited about this opportunity is an understatement.  I have shopped at Mamas and Papas in the past for maternity clothes and for bits for The Baby’s room (The… Continue reading


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In Which I Go On A Hot Date

OK, so it wasn’t really a hot date, not hot at all in fact, although I did put mascara and lippy on, so technically I made an effort.  Yesterday The Boyfriend and I had a day to ourselves.  This hasn’t happened since The Baby was born.  In fifteen months, we haven’t had a day where one of us hasn’t been working, or we haven’t been with The Baby.  Don’t get… Continue reading


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