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The Depressive and The Pea

I had forgotten just how tiring pregnancy is.  Ridiculously, achingly, temper-shorteningly, tiring.  Every morning I wake up in disbelief that it’s actually morning (although sometimes I wake up courtesy of The Baby and it’s not actually morning), every afternoon I am desperate for a few hours’ sleep, and every evening I’m in bed well before 9pm.  And no amount of sleep is ever enough.  It’s like an addiction; a little… Continue reading


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The Countdown to the Countdown

Tonight I am home alone.  Well, not quite alone, The Baby is asleep upstairs, but The Boyfriend is at work until 11pm just as he is for two nights out of every six.  So tonight, instead of spending my evening as I usually do (blogging or writing other articles or reading or vegging in front of the TV with chocolate) I am doing something useful.  Something fun, but ultimately useful… Continue reading


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A Little Two Complacent

This pregnancy already feels different to the first one.  Not just because last time I had no clue what to expect, or what was in store once The Bump became The Baby, or why I felt so horribly rotten all the time (now I know it’s just hormones, plain and simple), but because I feel a little calmer about it all.  I feel like I know more, I’m more secure… Continue reading

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Infacol Competition



Until The Baby was five months old, I relied on two things to calm her colic and help her sleep.  One was trotting around the house with her upright over my shoulder for hours which wore me and out and made me look like some strange pantomime-horse-wannabe.  The other much less tiring and embarrassing solution was… Continue reading

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A True-to-Life Fairytale (with a made-up ending)

Once upon a time there was a little girl with very curly hair and big blue eyes.  The little girl, despite her tender age, had very discerning tastes and an extremely strong mind; she knew exactly what she wanted and nothing could distract her.

Although the little girl had always been able to communicate her needs very well (screaming and kicking nearly always did the trick), once able to… Continue reading


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An Unexpected Day

Yesterday was one of those days in which nothing is predictable.  It was a day of ups and downs, of worry and relief and emotion.

It started fairly normally, except something had happened the night before which had made me worry, and subsequently sleep badly.  I woke up tired (nothing out of the ordinary) and still worried, and very reluctant to get out of bed (definitely nothing out of… Continue reading


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Morning Is Broken

Most days, my morning goes like this:

Alarm call from The Baby around 6am.  Get up and change her nappy while The Boyfriend makes a bottle for her and a cup of tea for us (I know, I’m lucky), and bring her into our bed.  Have a play with The Baby in bed after she’s finished her milk until play turns to smacking, biting and pinching, at which point… Continue reading


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