Mammy’s Monday Music Meme

The more astute (and less sleep-deprived) among you will realise  it isn’t Monday.  But I really wanted to join in with this meme last week, but never got round to it, and I didn’t want another whole week to go by with me not managing to link up.  So, yes it is Thursday, but at least I’m doing it, OK??

O Mammy has devised a rather splendid music meme, and as I have already posted this evening, I’ll keep this one short.  My choice of song follows on from the Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me post, and it’s my earliest memory.  I’ve also chosen it as I recently heard it on the radio, The Baby was in the car with me at the time, and it made me cry.  I got all emotional and vowed to play as much music as possible around her, as music shapes so many of my childhood memories and I want the same for her.

So here is Golden Brown by The Stranglers:


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2 Responses to Mammy’s Monday Music Meme

  1. Oh Mammy

    Hee her! Awesome song choice. I still can’t get over the fact that you have a memory from that age! Thanks for linking up! Xxx

  2. Mmmmmm so beautiful – it would defo be one of my Desert Island Discs!!! Can understand it bringing tears to your eyes – it does to mine too. Yea – music – and lots of it to grow up to xxxxxx

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