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Again, it’s not Monday.  Again, I’m late joining in.  I just can never seem to get organised on time.  Sorry Fran.

Last December, The Boyfriend and I had our first night out together after The Baby was born.  It was a rather daunting experience leaving our then not-quite-five-month-old with my parents, knowing she wouldn’t sleep and would more than likely scream all night.  She was totally breast-fed and feeding on demand, and absolutely refused a bottle, so if she got hungry my parents would be at a loss.  All week The Boyfriend and I went back and forth from “We really need to go to this gig, it will do us good, we’ve not been out in over a year*”, to “We really need to cancel this gig, I don’t want to leave The Baby and it’s a totally selfish thing to do, and really I’m just too tired”.  All week we couldn’t decide.  In the end, we went.  And were both so pleased we made the effort.  This gig was utterly amazing, the band in question so obviously passionate about the music they were creating, and despite the horrible stadium atmosphere, everybody was up in their feet and dancing all night. Truly unbelievable.

Even more unbelievable was The Baby slept nearly all evening, waking just once for a cuddle and then for food just as we arrived home.

This video is one of my favourite songs by this band.  It wasn’t filmed at the gig we went to last December, more’s the pity as it features a guest appearance by David Bowie, but it’s a fantastic version.  It’s Wake Up by Arcade Fire.  This was their closing song and by this point, The Boyfriend and I didn’t want the evening to end!


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  1. Well done baby! Glad you had a great night and what a song! One of my favourites too. I love Arcade Fire and Bowie – never imagined they would team up – but it’s a great combo.

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