Holidays Are Coming

So here we are again. In two days we will be travelling on holiday.  And again I’m apprehensive. 

I have packing down to a fine art now; having had odd weekends and one week away on holiday with The Baby, I now know exactly what we need and what we can leave behind.  I also know a few tricks that will help her to settle in an unfamiliar environment:

Today I changed her cot sheet, sleep-suit and sleeping bag, and we will take these ones that she is currently (fitfully and not-so-peacefully) sleeping in away with us.  They will smell of her, of her room, of home.  We will take her own familiar bubble bath, and we will take the two teddies with whom she shares her cot at home.  Not that they are a comfort to her, just that at least she has something to chuck out the cot during a tantrum.  My aunty (with whom we are staying) has also very thoughtfully recorded In The Night Garden over the last week, so that The Baby can watch it whatever time of day or night it is, in an attempt to help her settle to sleep.

 I suspect the first night away, none of us will have a great night’s sleep, but that as the week goes on (and we find plenty of energetic activities to do in the fresh air), sleeping will become a little better.

Meals are pretty much sorted now, as The Baby feeds herself whatever The Boyfriend and I are eating.  She isn’t half as fussy over food as she was before we started the baby-led feeding, and has recently found an appetite to rival that of her dad’s (ie massive).  We even got her feeding herself with a spoon at the weekend.  Not so great when attempting spaghetti Bolognese, as I find out (by myself) this evening.  But generally mealtimes aren’t so much of a worry.

 She is walking, totally unaided for the most part now.  She doesn’t like being put into her buggy or car-seat, or being carried (a deep bite to the shoulder gets this point across every time), as she would much rather do a pretty good impression of a wino after three too many, in her attempt to cross a room.  Still, she’s getting much better and a little steadier each time, and once she learns to leave her shoes on, so much the better.

So what is making me feel slightly on edge about this holiday?  It’s because it’s not just us.  The Baby, The Boyfriend and I are staying with an aunty and uncle of mine.  They’re extremely lovely people (said in my best ‘Lola’ voice), and we are really looking forward to our holiday.  But on the nights when The Baby feels that screaming is preferable to sleeping, or the dinner times when screaming is preferable to eating, or that days when screaming is preferable to absolutely anything else at all, it’s not just The Boyfriend and I that will have to deal with it.  And that’s what makes me worry.

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  1. Trust that your Aunt and Uncle love you both and The baby too – so that they will cope with anything she chooses to serve up to them. They have both been parents too remember -so are unlikely to be phased by much! Enjoy and be calm xxx

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