Back to Reality

So here we are, back home again.  This time two weeks ago I was worried about our holiday, about the disturbance and raucousness we were about to unleash on my unwitting family members.

This time last week I was enjoying the most relaxed Sunday I had had in ages and ages and ages.  The holiday in Scotland with my aunty and uncle has been just what we all needed.  And it was the fact that we were staying, not on our own, but with others that made it so.  The very thing that made my toes curl with anxiety was the same thing that made our holiday as close to perfection as is possible.

For an entire week, The Boyfriend and I have enjoyed naps and lie-ins and playtime with The Baby, we have had endless cups of coffee and tea brought to us, breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked for us, and dishes whisked away before we could even say “Can we help??”  We have done absolutely nothing, save for run laps around the dining room after The Baby, who spent the week honing her independent walking and learning a new word each day, and enjoyed gentle excursions on days when we felt like doing something more than sitting.

To say it has been blissful is an understatement.  It has been so wonderful to spend hours with The Baby, just watching her and listening to her and noticing every new development, without thinking about whether we have anything in for tea, or whether the washing machine is full of three-day-old wet washing, or if my uniforms are ready for work.  The most difficult decision I have had to make has been whether I’d like someone to make me tea or coffee in a morning. 

Each morning we have risen to the most spectacular views of rolling hills and pink and orange clouds and autumnal forests.  We have done sight-seeing in the villages and in the city, we have walked in the extremely clean, fresh air, and have managed to escape our normal smoggy, gritty, grey “deprived” city life in so many ways.

It has been the holiday we all needed, and we really can’t wait to do it again.  I wonder if the family will have recovered sufficiently in time for a Christmas visit…

Sunrise from our window


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4 Responses to Back to Reality

  1. Sounds like you had a much deserved rest! Must have been lovely to spend some quality time with baby without the everyday distractions such as washing up! x

  2. Was thinking about you, wondering where you’d disappeared to …. and here is the answer you have been in ‘bliss’.
    Am so pleased you had such a wonderful time, hope you are feeling refreshed and all is good with you.

    • Thanks lovely lady! Funnily enough, after almost a week back at home, the sense of ‘bliss’ has rapidly faded. Never mind, it was a very fab holiday. Hope you’re OK x

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