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So they’re at it again, those parent-blogger types.  And again, it’s all for Save The Children and their No Child Born To Die campaign.  Do you remember the blog-hop back in May supporting the campaign to increase the funding for vaccines in the developing world?  This time there is a call for increased funding for health workers.  Without health workers, there is no health system.  People are dying for reasons we just couldn’t comprehend here in the UK.  We need to change this.

You need to sign the petition.

And, thanks to Dorkymum,  I need to write 100 words about a great health worker I have encountered and link to Mummy From The Heart.


So here’s my 100 words:

Having been both a health worker and a patient, I know how important each and every job in the health service is.  Every porter, every doctor, every nurse, every cook, every radiographer, every cleaner, they all play an important role in patient care.  I am thankful for them all and their hard work.  But Bridie at Macclesfield DGH, with her smiley and friendly nature, made the start of my pregnancy very comfortable.  She made me feel not only safe, but as if I was the only pregnant woman in the world, and that’s a special quality.  Thank you, Bridie.


I’ve done my bit (albeit later than I wanted to), now it’s your turn.  Sign the petition!


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  1. Bridie sounds like she was lovely, just the kind of lady you need :o) Lovely post xx

  2. hey, thanks for taking part. I would love Bridie to read this. X

  3. Oh she sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for joining in and helping us to shout loudly in New York!

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