Sleeping, Feeding, Playing, and a bit of Nappy Rash

So, to recap.

The Baby had regressed to the sleep-loathing child of old, she hated going to nursery, reducing me to tears every time I left her sobbing and breaking her heart in the arms of the nursery staff, and she was redecorating our dining room with tomato, avocado and pasta (as opposed to eating them; she is not an avant-garde artistic prodigy).

And now?

All change!

She is sleeping again.  My sanity is still threadbare, but intact.  The dark circles which made The Baby more than a little similar to Uncle Fester have reduced, and she is, once again, a smiley, giggly little girl.  Whatever that blip was about, I have no idea.  But she best think twice about doing it again.

Nursery no longer causes bathfuls of tears on arrival.  The Baby is more than happy to take my hands and march me over to the pile of Noisy Toys, before dropping me in favour of a maraca and a bell.  She still refuses to sleep for any longer than half an hour, but she is eating all her food now, which I am very relieved at as she was going all day with no food except for a pudding (I really have no clue where she gets her sweet tooth. Ahem.).  Two weeks ago, the staff informed me that not only had she consumed all her breakfast (porridge), lunch (sausage, mash and veg, followed by jelly) and dinner (crumpets and mixed veg), but she had attempted to swipe the staff’s food too!  That’s my girl.

I can’t even begin to describe the relief I feel now that I know she is not only eating well at nursery, but playing and enjoying herself while she is there too.  It’s good to hear that “she has had lots of smiles”, instead of “she has needed lots of comforting cuddles”.  Long may this continue, although I hope she doesn’t enjoy it too much; I don’t want tears at hometime.

And as for the baby-led feeding…it’s actually going quite well.  She has become quite good at trying everything, although she lets us know exactly what she wants and doesn’t want.  Any food she can just about tolerate gets played with and squished between her fingers, before being chewed at which point it’s anyone’s guess whether it will be swallowed or spat down her bib; food she simply cannot bear is met with a face akin to someone chewing a lemon while standing knee-deep in excrement; and food she loves is practically inhaled. 

Take strawberries, for example.  She cannot get enough.  So much so, she shovels piece after piece into her mouth, and should a bit find its way out, she shoves it back in with a fist, or the back of her hand, or her arm, lest it fall on the floor.  She then rolls it around her mouth for less than two seconds, before grabbing for the next piece.  It’s actually lovely to watch!  So maybe there is something in this whole let-her-find-out-for-herself thing.

We do, of course, have new problems.  Eczema and nappy rash.  She has had eczema since she was four or five months old, which I have been treating with steroid cream, but I want to switch to something natural as I think it’s too harsh for her delicate baby skin.  Where the nappy rash has come from, I have no clue.  She is ten months old, we haven’t changed washing powder, and she doesn’t sit for hours in dirty nappies, so I am lost as to why it has appeared now.  But it has.  And it’s nasty, all red and dry and so painful-looking it makes me cross my legs when I see it.  I have had a couple of suggestions for natural remedies for both.  I’ll let you know how we go on.

And in other news, The Baby turns twelve months in exactly seven weeks time.  A year.  If someone could explain to me just where all that time has disappeared to, I’d be really grateful.

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6 Responses to Sleeping, Feeding, Playing, and a bit of Nappy Rash

  1. Iyla has such a sweet tooth, I swear she would only eat puddings if she could, or even just strawberry fromage frais. Good to know that she might suddenly start loving her food! Glad to hear things are going well 🙂 x

  2. nappy rash – new tooth coming


    • Well, you’re probably right as she is soaking bibs every five minutes with dribble, but I wish they’d hurry up – her 4 canines have been threatening to come through for about 3 months now, it’s about time they just got on with it!x

  3. We are at the start of weaning. We are trying BLW and if he had his way it would be all snacks. The baby is only 6 months old, but he’s more interested in trying to crawl than in eating too much. I can’t tell if I should introduce puree or hold my nerve… Good luck with the nappy rash.

    • After having lots of advice (including from the HV telling me I’d gone wrong), I’d say stick at it. I still don’t understand how babies manage to eat enough when there’s more food at the end than when we started, but apparently they do. And it encourages them to be less fussy when older. Allegedly. I don’t really know, I’m in no position to hand out advice, I’m totally clueless as to what I’m doing x

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