This Is Me. This Is My Future.

When The Baby was born, on leaving the hospital, I was given her Little Red Book; the book which contains all the information about her paediatric checks, her sessions with the health visitor, visits to the doctor, and all her immunisations.  All the things that, here in the UK, we take for granted.  All the things that help our children grow to be strong and healthy.

But 8 million children under five die every year from preventable diseases.  8 million.  Think about it.

Save The Children have launched their No Child Born To Die campaign, with a focus on preventable diseases.  In June, David Cameron is hosting a meeting to be attended by other world leaders, and Save The Children want to have created enough noise to influence these people to pledge to increase funding for vaccinations, and save the lives of millions of children.

Three bloggers are travelling to Mozambique next week with Save The Children, to follow the ‘cold trail’; the journey of the vaccinations from the city to the rural communities.  They are Lindsay Atkin, Christine Mosler, and Tracey Cheetham, all influential bloggers in different fields.

Meanwhile the rest of the blogging community have been asked, by Sleep is for the Weak and Red Ted Art, to get involved by way of getting our children to create or draw a self-portrait, either as they are now or in the future.  I am, to say the least, a little late with my entry, and have possibly run out of other bloggers to tag (I am supposed to tag another 8 people; judging by all the tagging going on on Twitter, there is now no-one left who hasn’t already joined in). 

Also, The Baby, as bright as she is, cannot quite grasp the concept of ‘self-portrait’ as yet, and would rather eat the crayons than draw pictures with them.  So I have come up with my own idea of The Baby in the future.  And here are my reasons as to why my daughter is bound to be the next leader of the country:

She has the gift of the gab

And is capable of standing on her own two feet

When she gets her teeth into something, she doesn’t let go

She has to be the centre of attention

She isn’t afraid to beat down the opposition

And knows how to persuade others to agree with her way of thinking

She has an innocent public persona

But ultimately, she is brilliant at producing crap

Now, as I am so late in joining in with this, I am not going to tag another 8 bloggers.  However, what I am doing is asking everyone reading this to sign the Save The Children petition to save 4 million lives in 4 hours.  Go.  Sign.


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  1. What a brilliant blog! I signed immediately! More power to your elbow Anna – you are doing a great job me dear! Your Baby will go far too, I’m sure. Lots of Love xx

  2. Hilarious! She is bound to be the next PM – far better dress sense than the last female PM we had by the looks of it. x

  3. brilliant! brilliant! great photos – Gosh she is such a sweetie

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