What it Means to Me to be a Parent

This post is for the Maternity Matters meme hosted by The Life and Times of a Domestic Anarchist (http://domesticanarchist.blogspot.com/), and it’s actually quite a thought-provoking theme.

It’s easy to focus on the struggles and the difficulties of parenthood, especially when it’s all a new experience (goodness knows I focus on it enough!). But it’s really all the lovely stuff, all the little things that make being a Mummy the most rewarding, most exciting, and most special role in the world.

Little things like watching The Baby grasp her dummy by the handle and tug it out of her mouth, through her teeth so it makes a ‘pop’ as it exits; throw it with an over-exaggerated out-stretched arm only for it to land less than a foot away from where she sits; reach over and pick it up, examining it while turning it over and over in her tiny hands; and place it back in her mouth at a jaunty angle, and grin behind it with pride that she put it back in all by herself.

Little things like listening to her over the monitor in a morning making chatty little noises to, presumably, the toys in her cot, saying, “Tha tha tha tha!! Trrrrrrrrrrrr!!”, and squeaking in excitement, followed by a string of raspberry-blowing. This type of alarm-call at 5am is really quite bearable.

Little things like watching her pull herself to her feet from sitting, using the arm of the sofa, or my hands, and seeing the excitement in her face as she realises she is standing on her own feet.

Things that make me sob with joy and love, like the sound of her giggling, her smile when I walk into a room, and the excitement she shows with kicking legs and flapping arms when I read her a story. Things that make me laugh, like how big her big toes actually are, and all the dimples in the backs of her hands and on her elbows.

Big toes!

This is what parenting means to me. The pride that fills my heart and brings tears to my eyes each time The Baby learns something new, or does something that makes her smile. However hard things get, she makes everything more than worthwhile, and I often can’t believe how privileged I am to be her Mummy.


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  1. Mmm love these thoughts and feelings – brings tears to my eyes. Keep on enjoying and appreciating every moment you can. Older mothers will identify with me when I say we were always too busy to stop and appreciate the little details you describe. We missed so much – now we hopefully can take the time to appreciate all these precious moments with our Grandchildren! Congratulations to todays Mothers for taking the time to appreciate the fine detail and every special moment. They are so amazing………

  2. A beautiful reminder to me to take the time to enjoy everything they do, every moment with our children is precious and you can only have each moment once. I intend to savour everything. Thank you x

  3. This post is simply exquisite. Being a mother of a 13 yr old and an eight month old baby, I know only too well how quickly it all goes and I just revel in sitting back and drinking up the utter loveliness of my baby son.

    Your write beautifully. Thanks for sharing this post with us for the Maternity Matters Meme it is very much appreciated xxx

  4. What a beautiful post. I think it is all too easy to look forward to the next stage of a little one’s development (I know I am guilty of this on many occasions) and not actually live in the here and now and appreciate what is happening today. Thank you for reminding me to do that and to stop and observe how the little one is and how far he has come.

  5. There really are so many little rewarding moments, and this post reminds me to revel in them and brush aside the moments where I struggle. Oh… and what a perfect little foot in the photo!

  6. beautifully written, love the focus on tiny details – stuff you forget as they grow so quickly – but so important to remember

  7. What a gorgeous post. And what gorgeous toes! x

  8. Ahhhhh! A lovely post!

    Bean had just started to draw letters and I feel myself getting teary at how fast she’s growing up and I’m full of pride!

    It’s great to read this post as it’s reminded me that sometimes when I’ve had a tough day and it seems as if the kiddies have been on a mission to whine and destruct things that there are lovely moments too x

  9. What a wonderful post. I loved the way you described your alarm call. I also love it when little A wakes in the morning and starts singing songs and talking to her teddies.

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