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Welcome, please forgive the mess.  This is the room in which I do all my writing.  It’s also the room in which I spend most of my time when at home.  You see, I live in a house which I don’t particularly like, which doesn’t yet feel like home.  The Boyfriend and I moved here just 12 days before The Baby was due (she didn’t arrive for another 12 days after that) and it was all a bit of a rush. 

The reason we fell in love with this house, and the reason we bought it, was the amount of space.  The rooms are all very generously sized, with high ceilings and large windows.  What we had failed to notice until we moved in, however, was just how dark the house was, due mainly to the fact that each of the generously sized rooms had been painted either dark red or muddy brown.  By February, The Boyfriend had managed to repaint (in sparkly white, mainly) all but 3 of the rooms.  This did go some way to making the house a little more bearable.

What is unbearable, though, are the ants that sporadically appear in the kitchen and the dining room, and the below-freezing temperature of every room in the house bar the living room.  The everything room.  The Write (right?) Room.

The living room is the only room, apart from The Baby’s room (but I’m not about to perch myself atop her dresser with my laptop) which has carpet.  And double glazing.  Every other room has beautiful waxed floor-boards and the original wooden-framed windows.  This means that they are bloody freezing, and require shoes to be worn as going bare-foot is definitely not an option, and socks cause movements akin to Bambi on ice.

I am rather ashamed to admit that in a house with three large bedrooms, a large dining room (admittedly a stupidly small, stupidly designed, stupidly dark kitchen) and an average sized living room, my day is spent playing with The Baby, writing (and reading) blog posts and other articles, and eating all three meals in the living room.  I like it here.  It’s white and warm and comfy.  It’s ant-free and draught-free.  It’s a total mess, but at least this room feels like home.


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  1. What an eloquent description of your Writing Space. Having lived in a house for a very long time with patchy heat, I know how you are feeling. At least you do seem to have somewhere you absolutely love. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Your room looks lovely and very cosy. I think most people live in one room of their houses – for me it is the kitchen. Everywhere else is freezing, even when the heating is on, because it is so draughty.

    As for the ants – I hear you! In my last house, they invaded the kitchen in a BIG way and on one day of the year, a whole load of eggs under the floorboards hatched and I had flying ants all over the place. In the end, I did a bit of detective work, found out where their nest was and poured boiling water on it. Horrible, I know, but I couldn’t risk any ant powder with small kids around.

    Happy writing 🙂

  3. I am still searching for that ever-illusive English house that is not dark and cold. Perhaps it’s me – too dependant on light and heat. But if there’s one room in your house that you can work in, than I reckon it’s a good house.

    Lovely to discover your blog via Domestic Anarchist on twitter – keep up the good work, now following 🙂

  4. Lovely to have discovered your blog via ‘The Write Room’. Also lovely to see where you’ve newly started blogging.

    White, warm and comfy – what more could you want?

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