I Don’t Know About You But I…

…wish people would read signs!

You probably know (by my incessant whinging) that I returned to work this week. I work in a little ‘hospital’ – it’s not really a hospital; it only has one ward, and a handful of out-patient clinics. I work in the X-ray ‘department’ (it’s just me) in a corridor shared with the Minor Injuries ‘department’ (it’s just one nurse).

This week, as it’s Easter holidays, Minor Injuries has been open at different times each day. There is a large notice on the wall opposite the entrance detailing this week’s opening times.  As they are operating reduced hours, there are details of other numbers to call, such as the main A&E department or NHS Direct.  This notice is displayed by the window behind which I sit when I am not x-raying patients.  The walls around the window also contain two further signs.  One reads:
Can All Patients for X-Ray Please Book In At This Reception.
The other reads:
This Is The X-Ray Department. If You Require Minor Injuries, Please Ring The Bell And Take A Seat At The End Of The Corridor.

So far this week, more than half of the people that have appeared at my window have encountered a conversation that goes something like this:
Patient: I need an injection / dressing / splinter removing etc etc.
Me: OK, well this is the x-ray department.  You need the minor injuries department down the corridor, but they don’t open until later / they shut an hour ago etc etc.
Patient: Oh.  Well is there someone else I can see?  Can you give me the injection / change my dressing / remove this splinter?
Me: There are numbers ON THE SIGN IN FRONT OF YOU to call if it’s an urgent matter. No, I can’t see you.  This is the x-ray department. I’m a radiographer, I’m not a nurse.

Another large proportion of patients I have encountered this week have engaged in the following conversation:
Patient: I’ve been sat here for nearly half an hour.  Do you know when I’ll be seen?
Me: You would have been seen at your appointment time if you had come and booked in at this window when you arrived.
Patient: Oh, I thought you’d know that I was here.
Me: (Silently in my head……F&^%£”%^&*&*&&^^^!)

Please, people, read the signs.  They very often contain some fairly useful information that may actually help you, and they have been placed there for a reason… a biggie being to save my sanity!


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5 Responses to I Don’t Know About You But I…

  1. Oh Mammy

    Hi there, thanks for linking up. Ace post! X

  2. It really annoys me too when people don’t read signs. I work in a pub, that doesn’t accept cards. There’s a massive sign on the front of the till, visible to all, that says we don’t accept cards.

    Yet the amount of times I have served people drinks only to find that they want to pay by card and have no other means of payment, is beyond me.

  3. Rofl. I know exactly how you feel. Although it should be pointed out that some people can’t read. The majority however just ignore anything written down thinking it doesn’t apply to them.

  4. tee hee. I try and read signs, honestly I do… am sometimes just distracted by the two littlies hanging off my arms. Sorry! 😉

  5. oooh forgot to say over from the fab new linky!

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