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I’ve been discharged from the Parent and Baby Unit.
I’m thinking that I was possibly a little harsh in my last post. I have actually learned a few useful things through these counselling sessions (I’m not just saying all this as I found out that my counsellor takes her son to the same nursery that I’ll be taking The Baby to and am now worried if she reads my blog… Continue reading


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NOT My Favourite Waste of Time

I have counselling this morning. And I use that term in its very loosest sense. It’s been a month since I last went, because I am apparently almost fine now.

Having spent an hour each week, then reduced to each fortnight, having hand-outs about depression and recovery read to me by a girl who looks so young I would guess she is just about ready to take her GCSE options, I… Continue reading


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Why It Pays To Be A Pessimist

The Baby and The Boyfriend on holiday

We are half way through the week that I’ve been dreading for… oh, about a month now. I’ve had countless sleepless nights caused by the panic of spending a whole week with an over-tired, unhappy, unsettled Baby, which in turn have produced an over-tired… Continue reading


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Three Rooms and A Baby

We are going on holiday for a week. Nowhere fancy, just to a little cottage on the coast. We will have views of the harbour, be five minutes walk from the very quaint town, and a good bracing walk away from the beach.

It’s a final farewell to my time as full-time Mummy and I should be excited.

But I’m not.

I am dreading it. DREADING it… Continue reading


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On Balance

I…suffer with? Struggle with? Cope with? Live with? Whatever, I [insert appropriate word here] low moods. And all-over-the-place moods; guilt, anxiety, jangling nerves, all mixed up with a little melancholy and general sadness. All of which will be discussed in much more detail in later posts.

However, the reason for this post is not to wallow in self-pity or indeed bring any of you down! It is to say… Continue reading

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Seven Month Glitch

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but don’t the Terrible Twos start at…well, two?? Aren’t the months leading up to this supposedly devilish age meant to be a little easier? The calm before the storm, so to speak? The Baby, I fear, is rather advanced. I have tantrums and battles (and I’m not even including those that are sleep-related) with her each and every day, today being no exception. Don’t get… Continue reading


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Bourne of Frustration

At the end of The Boyfriend’s week off I decided that we all needed a break. The three of us had never had a trip away together – we had been away a couple of times with my family but never just The Boyfriend, The Baby and me. The last time The Boyfriend and I had been away together was the weekend we found out that I was pregnant. We… Continue reading


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