New Year, New You and All That Bollocks

It’s the new year. Woo hoo. My excitement is palpable, yes? It’s not that there is anything inherently wrong with the ending of the old year and the starting of the next, it’s just, well it’s just… meh. In a previous life, Before Children, the time between Christmas and December 31st was spent in a… Continue reading

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What the …..??!!

I feel the need to write. I have no idea what to say, but I need to say something. Maybe something about this increasingly narrow, right-wing world in which we live, in which we are raising our future generations. Maybe something about tolerance and acceptance and diversity all rapidly being replaced with hatred and fear, suspicion and repression. Or maybe something about how a misogynistic, racist and

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Jamie Oliver and Breastfeeding – It’s Not About You!

I need to vent. I’ll keep it brief, I’m not going to offer a load of breastfeeding advice here, although I will  pop some links at the bottom for those who need some help. I am just going to say this:

Jamie Oliver has been expressing an interest in learning about the benefits for mums and babies that breastfeeding provides, and how the low breastfeeding rates in this country… Continue reading


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Soft Play and Suicide

Today I went to a 6th birthday party. The Princess and The Pea demanded their shoes be removed before piling straight into the soft play, The Husband and I drank coffee and took the rare opportunity to actually talk to fellow parents from school, rather than shout a hasty “Hi how are you?” whilst running across the playground and delivering children to the school door 30 seconds before it closes… Continue reading

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Why Breastfeeding Matters To Everyone

Apologies for interrupting this (unintentional and rather extended) blog break, and your peace and quiet. I hadn’t really intended to write anything on here just yet, I’ve kind of lost my blogging mojo (blo-jo? That’s just wrong. Sorry.), I’m uninspired and feeling rather ‘meh’ about the whole thing. At least, I was, until today when I discovered that our local breastfeeding support team has suffered funding cuts so bad that… Continue reading

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The Waiting Game

We bought a house. It is cosy – 3 rooms fewer than our last one, all rooms several feet smaller – but it is perfect and it feels like home.

At least, it will do when we can eventually move in.

See, we actually got the keys to the house last November, and with plans to rip up all flooring, decorate each room, and chuck in an Ikea… Continue reading


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I often wonder, as most parents do, if The Husband and I are doing a good enough job at this parenting thing. Do we set enough boundaries? Do we set too many boundaries? Do we listen enough? Do we provide enough choice? Too much choice? Do our children know we are absolutely and utterly there for them no matter what? Do they know we love them? Are we ok as… Continue reading


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It’s A Family Affair

I have been quiet on here of late. The Boyfriend is no longer my boyfriend. He is my husband. The Husband. And a wonderful husband, at that.

We had a very intimate, totally DIY wedding, which has taken months of prepping, despite its low-key, casual vibe. 21 guests came to celebrate with us (it was almost 18 guests as the best man is in the Royal Navy and very… Continue reading


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Moving House, Getting Hooked, Getting Hitched

It’s been a busy few weeks, so busy I’ve found no time to write this poor, neglected little blog. Sorry blog. First, we moved in with my parents. De-cluttering, packing, emptying and cleaning a house is about a hundred times more stressful with kids than when single. I moved 17 (ish, maybe more) times pre-children and it bothered me not one bit. This time? I’d like to say… Continue reading


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Turning A Corner

I realise what I am about to write will probably be my undoing, I am fairly convinced it will jinx things so much that I will never sleep more than an hour at a time ever, ever again. But here goes.

After 21 months of breastfeeding Pea to sleep, after 21 months of him only sleeping when next to someone, preferably me, preferably with milk, and after not quite… Continue reading

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